We Work with People on The Go

When time is money, Mercana is here to help

Strategic Advice, Structure and Follow Through

Smart implementation tactics


Through our proprietary business assessment tool called Vital Signs, we help to clearly define the health of the business, taking stock of all key dimensions and identifying the most significant opportunities, issues, and risks.


Having worked with hundreds of business leaders, we provide a safe learning environment for receiving feedback, building confidence, seeking advice, and maintaining accountability through periods of transition.


Leveraging deep sector expertise, we help to formulate clear and realistic strategies for value creation, the sequencing of key tactics and priorities, as well as defining the required resources.


Based on years of experience and relevant sector knowledge, our mission is to conduct a thorough and objective assessment of the opportunity being considered.

Building a business is overwhelming

We help to:

Define the Current Reality

Develop an Achievable Plan

Harness the Resources to Execute

Clients Shared

Mercana has for a long time been a very important advisor to my company.  As the business has grown the quality of the advice has always been helpful, and never out of date.  The manner in which it is delivered is on target as well.  As the CEO, I have to be challenged, and Mercana’s combination of insight and business acumen does that in a very professional and thoughtful manner.

-Peter Allen
Electrical Contacts Ltd., President

Peter brings a solid business acumen and a sense of reality that many entrepreneurs often just don’t have. Peter’s magic is that he educates you along the way that develops fundamental business value. Whether your company is a start up like mine or a company that is struggling to grow or adjust to significant changes, then I would suggest that you invest some time in meeting Peter and his team at Mercana.

-Brian Monette
Transition-Path Inc., CEO

We have worked with Mercana in several capacities for many years. Mercana has an incredible network of people and firms and they bring great value to their clients. At Flexserv, we look for trust and integrity in the people with whom we do business and Mercana makes us very comfortable with the high standards they have established. We have found it great doing business with Mercana and highly recommend them.

-Jeff Chorlton
Flexserv, President & CEO

Mercana is uniquely positioned to help businesses through access to key people, partnerships and capital. Trust, integrity and a genuine willingness to collaborate towards success is what makes Mercana a special firm.

-Brian Deck
SmoothPay, CEO

For over the last 20 years I have worked with the partners at Mercana Growth Partners and in every case have been extremely impressed with their business knowledge, team spirit and unrelenting desire to help their clients and associates alike. Their professionalism is of the highest calibre and is well known in the industry.

I highly recommend their services to any company that requires any assistance or advice with ANY issue that deals with their business. Mercana has a wealth of professional help management at their fingertips and will reach out to those professionals as the needs are identified.

-David Harding
Sterling Investors Group Ltd.

I have continued to rely for many years on Bill Thomson, Peter Waugh and their associates at Mercana for sound advice in the many diversified corporate markets in which I work. Bill, Peter and the Mercana Associates invariably have the knowledge, experiance and active, current relationships with the key players in a wide range of industry segments to help me make the connections at the level I need to make them to ensure a successful outcome for my clients.

-Ken Winger

Mercana has not only introduced us to people and businesses on a global scale that are well aligned with our needs, but have provided frequent and well thought through strategic advice and guidance when asked of them.

We strongly feel Mercana is very established and well positioned to help companies with a wide variety of needs across all industries. Lorax Systems Inc. highly recommends Mercana for any stage of your corporate evolution and development.

-John Zafiris
Lorax Systems Inc., Vice President

The world is becoming more complex and when seeking to minimize the complexity, we turn to Mercana and its pool of talented visionaries who make it simple.  Our business is healthcare, we design, we implement and we manage.  In all cases with our clients throughout the world we are asked to advise and assist on financing and governance – we invariably turn to Mercana for their expertise and it simply works!  I recommend Mercana Growth for its leadership, its ability to finance and most importantly its talented people.

-Marc Kealey

I have worked with the Mercana people on a number of situations. They are knowledgeable, they are well connected & they get the job done. I highly recommend having a conversation with Mercana.

-Ted Warburton

Our offices are located in Hong Kong, and over the last number of years we have experienced significant growth in cross border business between North America and Southeast Asia.  We have referred many matters to Mercana Growth Partners, and each referral has been handled with superior professionalism and vast business acumen.

In the alternative, as well we have found Mercana’s referrals to us to be well packaged and vetted, allowing us to provide a viable solution for services requested.

Mercana is our eyes and ears in North America, and we will continue to utilize their services in the years to come, and we look forward to continuing our mutually successful international business relationship.

-John Martin & Victor Elias
Pan Ocean International Business Limited

The principals of Mercana Growth bring decades’ worth of experience allowing them to provide sage advice and valuable industry connections to clients in a world moving at an ever-quickening and more complex pace.

-Marc Mercier

Mercana gets fully engaged in the project, takes a vested interest in supporting company growth, and keeps focused on strategic partnerships that make the difference.

The long-standing professional expertise and reputation of Mercana’s principals enhanced our credibility and Mercana has become Blue-Zone’s extended arm in sourcing growth capital.

We find Mercana trustworthy, fair, knowledgeable and resourceful and their approach constructive and strategic.  It has been a fruitful relationship of mutual business interest.

-Dushanka Filipovic
Blue-Zone Technologies Ltd., President

Mercana Growth Partners helped us to continue the operation of our now 88 year old company during the recession in 2009 and again when we have financial challenges in 2014. They have provided the right advice and professional services to lead us through our financial and business restructuring. We are now looking forward to a bright and prosperous future in building a great Canadian furniture brand for many years to come.

-Adam Hofmann
BG Furniture Ltd., President

Mercana is:


There is no substitute for having been there and fought the battles, and learned the inner-workings of the business.


Our network affords us tremendous reach


Unbiased, unfiltered, candid advice based on years of experience.


We help to identify key insights that represent missed opportunities or looming threats.


As entrepreneurs ourselves, we stay committed to getting the job done.


We align our rewards with the results realized by our clients.

Common Situations Where Mercana gets Involved


This usually involves financial distress, and the need for bold action to redirect the business towards a healthier trajectory. We help define the plan, who should lead the execution, and secure the resources needed to make it work.


When the size of the opportunity exceeds the capacity and/or capability of the business, we can support with experienced professionals who get the job done.


Whether on the buying or selling side, we help assess the various options, develop decision criteria, pursue suitable deal structures, support due diligence activities, and ultimately help to consummate the deal that works for both sides.


For many entrepreneurs and their families, the decision as to whether, when, and how to sell their business is often filled with a variety of emotions that naturally lead to hesitancy, indecision, and missed opportunity. We’ve worked with dozens of entrepreneurs to help them develop a plan that works for them, and then we work together on each of the steps required for an orderly transition.


We understand that it can be lonely at the top, particularly when difficult decisions need to be made. Whether it’s a messy shareholder dispute, delicate people issues, a tough customer situation, or deciding on how to get the business to the next level, we can help put things into perspective. We can bring in objective experienced outsiders to provide the coaching and guidance needed to help bring clarity on the best way forward.


Ramping up a new business requires a series of important decisions, access to a range of different professional advisors, and building the foundation for future growth, all with limited staff and financial resources. We have experience guiding founders through this critical phase, often pulling together many of the key enablers to reduce the time in “start-up” mode.