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At Mercana, we partner with entrepreneurs to build great businesses

At Mercana, we believe a vibrant entrepreneurial community is fundamental to economic prosperity. We strive to be catalysts and facilitators working at the intersection of great people, great business models and well-structured capital. Our key differentiator is our team of talent on which we rely for their domain expertise and leadership. These skills and knowledge provide real value to businesses facing major decisions or growth challenges.

Market Focus

Type of Business

Usually privately owned, entrepreneurial in style, innovative, and growth oriented, but experiencing challenges in achieving their objectives.


The reach of our Associates group allows us to have broad coverage amongst most industries.

Size of Company

We work with small to medium sized businesses, and are often connected to them through our Associates, their investors, or their trusted advisors.


Canada-Mercana-IconPrimarily Canadian based businesses, with international horizons.

How We Work

Mercana’s Driving Principles


We size up situations fast, subject to any fact-finding that needs to be done, and offer objective input on the direction we recommend. If we can help, we’ll tell you how. If not, we’ll avoid wasting your time.


Our advice is direct, honest, and focused on practical solutions to the situation the business faces. We do not prepare long reports. Unlike consultants, we are prepared to help implement the advice we give—on terms that align our interests with the client’s success.


Great businesses start with great people. We seek out business leaders who understand that their learning is never complete, and are open to coaching and advice. Likewise, our Associates are some of the most accomplished and professional business leaders in Canada who look to share their knowledge, wisdom, insight and contacts with developing leaders who need and deserve their help.


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Significant C-Level Experience
Deep M&A Experience
Turnaround Experts
Project Leaders / Operations Executive
Collective Years of Experience
Experienced Directors

Mercana Principals

The Management Team Powering Mercana

Bill Thomson, Managing Partner


Bill brings to Mercana a 50-year record of achievement completing turnarounds, sourcing private-equity capital for emerging growth companies, and providing critical guidance and advice to help steer businesses though challenging situations towards positive growth. Prior to 2009, he was President of Thomson Associates Inc. In this capacity he held interim CEO positions for several companies in financial distress in a variety of different industries.


Bill currently serves as a director for four private businesses: Summitt Energy, Electrical Contacts Ltd., Media Tube Corp., and YTW Growth Management Corp. Bill also serves on the boards of four public companies, one of which is based in China: China Armco Metals, theScore Inc., Chile Mining Technologies Inc. and is Lead Director for Hampton Financial Corp. Bill has also been appointed Chairman and President of Not-for-Profit, Children International Canada. As a board advisor, Bill provides a wealth of knowledge in the areas of finance, leadership, strategic alliances, and corporate development and governance. He currently serves as audit committee chair for four public companies and is often called upon to provide expertise in the areas of corporate governance and compensation.

Bill prides himself on his ability to deploy appropriate human and financial resources to promising situations in order to achieve success for partners and clients. He is a chartered accountant (in denial) and lives in Thornhill with his wife Janice.